Student Enrichment Program

The Student Enrichment Program (SEP) in the College of Liberal Arts at Morgan State University works with at-risk students in the freshman and sophomore years to help ensure their persistence in college, maximize their chances for success at Morgan and encourage and facilitate their performance at the highest level. The program attempts to increase proactive and active student involvement in learning both inside and outside the classroom, to assist students in making a smooth transition into the college culture and to help student take full responsibility for learning. It provides assistance, support, guidance, encouragement, incentives and rewards for student s facing academic challenges in their studies at the University. It aims not only to retain students in good academic standing, but also, to enable and encourage them to reach their maximal academic potential. It attempts to be a shoulder for them to lean on during their freshman and sophomore years, but not a crutch for them to depend on beyond those years.

Shoulder Lean