Schools & Colleges

College of Liberal Arts
The College of Liberal Arts is the largest academic division at the University. In addition to offering a wide variety of degree programs, it also offers a large portion of the courses in the General Education requirements and administers the university's Speech Proficiency Examination and Writing Proficiency Examination. All Morgan students, regardless of major, take courses and engage in other activities that are domiciled in the College of Liberal Arts.

School of Architecture & Planning
The School of Architecture and Planning (SA+P) addresses, from an interdisciplinary perspective, the social, environmental, physical, economic, and political issues that shape urban communities and form. The SA+P's location in Baltimore, Maryland, brings students into direct contact with a diversity of people, cultures, lifestyles, socio-economic issues, and opinions of those who live or work in urban areas.

School of Business & Management
The Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management (SBM) has more than fifty full-time faculty and an enrollment of approximately 1,500 graduate and undergraduate students. SBM offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Hospitality Management, and Information Science and Systems; a Masters in Business Administration; and a Ph.D. in Business Administration.

School of Community Health and Policy
The Morgan State University School of Community Health and Policy offers a range of unique graduate and undergraduate academic opportunities in Public Health, Nursing, and Nutrition. The School is committed to providing students from diverse backgrounds with a rigorous education in the health sciences, incorporating community-based learning as an integral component of the educational  experience.  

School of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences
The School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences (SCMNS) is comprised of five departments and two professional programs. They are the Department of Biology (which contains the Medical Technology Program), the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Mathematics (which contains the Actuarial Science Program) and the Department of Physics. The SCMNS offers eight bachelor's degrees, three master's degrees and two doctoral degrees in Bioenvironmental Science and Industrial and Computational Mathematics.

School of Education and Urban Studies
We strive to prepare a culturally and ethnically diverse student body to serve with distinction in the field of education and urban studies. The preparation of undergraduate and graduate students relies on education, applied research, and community and professional service activities in an urban environment.

School of Engineering
The School of Engineering is an excellent place to earn an engineering degree. Here we offer educational programs which ensure that students acquire the ability to master fundamental principles of engineering which may be applied effectively to benefit society.

School of Global Journalism and Communication
The school exists to provide quality instruction that assists students in becoming intellectually-aware citizens who are ethical, competent communicators. Further, the school seeks to maintain and develop the body of scholarly knowledge that unites the field.

School of Graduate Studies
The Carnegie Foundation classifies Morgan as a Doctoral Research University and we currently award doctorates in Business Administration, Bioenvironmental Sciences, Education, Engineering, English, History, Nursing, Psychometrics, Public Health, and Social Work. Additionally, we award degrees in over 30 master's programs, including master's degrees in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, City and Regional Planning, International Studies, Museum Studies, Music, Telecommunications management, and Transportation. Our graduate students have won the prestigious ProQuest/UMI Council of Historically Black Graduate School award for the quality of their dissertations and theses. Our graduate alumni hold leadership positions in business, education, government, social services, and in non-profit organizations.

School of Social Work
Welcome to Morgan State University's School of Social Work. The school was originally formed in 1969, it was known as the Undergraduate Social Welfare Program in the Department of Sociology, College of Liberal Arts. It was not until 1975 that the program received departmental status and the name was changed to Department of Social Work. The social work program received approval by the Council on Social Work Education in 1971. Pursuant to the department’s continuing efforts to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of academic programs, effective November 16, 2009 the department of social work was restructured to become a school.