University Closing

Morgan State will be closed on 3/05/15 due to impending inclement weather. Essential employees report as directed by supervisor.  Junior Writing Proficiency Exam is postponed.

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Academic Champions of Excellence

Academic Champions of Excellence (ACE) is a pre-college intervention program. It is a structured year-round and multi-year effort which offers rigorous instruction/ activities in mathematics and science. This program is a partnership between Baltimore City Public and Prince George's County Schools, businesses, community organizations, teachers, students, parents, and colleges/ universities.

The Program ensures that ACE students, upon graduation, have the necessary course requirements and GPA to be able to enter and graduate from the college/ university of their choice. ACE assists participating students (grades 6-12) by offering intensive academic enrichment studies.

The ACE PROGRAM STATEWIDE OFFICE is located at MORGAN STATE UNIVERSITY's SCHOOL of EDUCATION and URBAN STUDIES. The ACE Program satellite site for Prince George's County is managed on a day-to-day basis through a partnership agreement with the UNIVERSITY of MARYLAND at COLLEGE PARK, COLLEGE of EDUCATION.


  • Grades 6-9: To increase the number of historically disadvantaged/ underrepresented minority students who complete Algebra I in the eighth or ninth grade, enroll in Geometry by the 10th grade, and enroll in academic prerequisites to college preparatory classes in subsequent years.
  • Grades 9-12: To increase the number of historically disadvantaged/ underrepresented minority students who graduate from high school with four years of mathematics (through trigonometry), three years of science (through chemistry and physics), four years of college preparatory English, and sufficient credits in social studies and foreign language to pursue college/ university studies.

Mrs. Michelle Harris Bondima