Technical Assistance and Information

BB LogoAll online courses are conducted via Blackboard:   Students must have a Morgan Network Account in order to access and use Blackboard.  This page includes information on: 

  1. Your Morgan Network Account
  2. WebSIS
  3. Your Morgan Email Account - Google!
  4. Blackboard
  5. Adobe Connect
  6. Getting HELP - Technical Support

Read our Technology Reference Guide:  This guide contains information about WebSIS, your Morgan Network Account, the HELP Desk and Additional Technology Resources.

About Your Morgan Network Account (MSU-eID): This account is used to log on to WebSIS, Blackboard and your Morgan Email (as well as campus computers, or our wireless network)

  • Your Morgan Network User Name:  Your Morgan Network User Name will remain the same for as long as you are a Morgan student.
  • Your Morgan Network Password expires every 180 days. Your initial password begins with a capital letter using the first 4 letters of your first name, and your birth date -- MMDDYYYY.  For example, Janice Doe's password would be Jani01061988.  IF your first name has four letters or less, you will need to contact HELP Desk by calling (443) 885-4357, email, or Text/VM (410) 929-3650.  Please indicate that a new default password is needed. 
  • Set up the Password Reset Site to manage your password. View a tutorial for the Password Reset Site (you must have Flash Player in order to view this tutorial).  It's important to set up the Reset Site as soon as you receive your Morgan Network Account.

WebSIS:  Use WebSIS to register for courses, check your schedule, check financial aid, and make payments.

About your Morgan Email Account:

  • Instructors and administrative offices will send email to your Morgan Email Account.  
  • Access your Morgan email at:    
  • Morgan Email Support:  Everything you wanted to know about your Morgan Email account and how to use it.  Morgan Email is powered by Google. Check out the Google Apps available to you!
  • You may forward your Morgan Email to your personal email as follows:
    • Access your Morgan Mail at
    • Click Mail Settings gear at the upper right side of your Google Mail screen. select "Mail Settings."
    • Click the  "Forwarding and PopMail" link at the top of the screen.
    • Enter your peronal email address, and click NEXT.  
    • Google will send a confirmation notice to that address.  
    • Access your personal email account and copy the "access code" that Google has sent.
    • Go back to your Morgan Account/Mail Settings/Forwarding and paste the access code, then click the Verify button.
    • Your Morgan email will now be forwarded to your personal email address.
    • NOTE: You must continue to manage your Morgan password even if you do not use your Morgan email account. You will need to reset your password every 180 days.

More information about your Morgan Network Account -- including email -- is here.

About Blackboard:

  • All online courses are conducted with Blackboard.
  • Blackboard instructions   
  • Morgan's Blackboard system is integrated with our Banner/WebSIS system.  Courses should appear on Blackboard within 24 hours of WebSIS registration (M-F). Contact a Bb Administrator if you do not see your course listed within 24 hours of registering (M-F).  The Bb-WebSIS integration process does not run on weekends. 
Adobe Connect:  
Some instructors use Adobe Connect for synchronous meeting sessions.  Please view our Adobe Connect Student Guide for instructions and equipment requirements.
Software downloads you may need for your online course:
  • If you do not have MS Office you can use a viewer to read and view documents posted online:  Word ViewerPowerPoint ViewerExcel Viewer
  • Adobe Reader to view PDF files.
  • Blackboard requires your computer to have the latest version of Java; get it here.
  • Adobe Connect:  Some online courses include synchronous sessions via Adobe Connect. You will needFlashPalyer to participate in these sessions.

Technology Support Resources:

  • Campus HELP Desk: 443.885.4357. Hours M-F 8AM-5PM. The HELP desk provides assistance with your Morgan Network account -- including your user name and password, hardware configuration problems and Software support. You may also Text/VM the HELP Desk at 410-929-3680
  • Technology Training Services:  Can assist you with Blackboard. They can also reset your Morgan Network account Password.  Please send a voice/text message to 443-300-8850 if you are having problems logging into Blackboard,  if you do not see your online course on your "My MSU Blackboard" screen, or if you are experiencing general issues with your Morgan Network account.  TTS maintains office hours M-F from 8AM - 4PM.  Contacts are as follows:
  • General Technology FAQs