Resources for Administrators

Links on this page provide information administrators and policy professionals need about the Morgan Online program.

Morgan Online Mission, Goals and Objectives

The mission of MORGAN ONLINE is to support the success and achievement of the MSU Mission and strategic goals; to continue to meet the professional, undergraduate, and graduate level academic and training needs of the internal and external MSU community; and to offer an integrated, systematic and effective system of online programming for students seeking to learn outside the traditional classroom.


What is Morgan Online?

Description of Morgan Online



The MSU Distance Education Advisory Committee is charged with overseeing the policy and practice of MORGAN ONLINE and formulating recommendations for MSU expanding distance education courses and programs at Morgan. The Committee, made up of members from across campus, meets once a month to review and advise on new and continuing matters related to distance education at Morgan.


Middle States Expectations for Distance Education

Morgan Online complies with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education requirements for Distance Education. Middle States asks all colleges and universities accredited in the MSCHE region to address five competency areas when designing, delivering and assessing a campus-wide distance education program. These five areas include (1) Institutional Context and Commitment; (2) Curriculum and Instruction; (3) Faculty Support; (4) Student Support; and (5) Assessment and Evaluation.