Mission & Vision

The mission and vision are consistent with the vision and mission of the University as noted in the University Strategic Plan.

Therefore, in support of the University's Vision, the Division of Academic Affairs has established the following Academic Goals:

  1. Aggressively increase the recruitment of new freshmen, transfers, and a diverse student population into the university
  2. Retain over 85% of the freshmen to sophomores by designing and implementing specific activities to retain them
  3. Improve communication and customer service processes among faculty, staff, administrators and students
  4. Periodically conduct the programmatic reviews of all academic programs and curricula within our Schools/colleges and assess the degree productivity of the academic programs
  5. Develop and establish a formal distance education program at the institution
  6. Manage the student/faculty ratio and the contractual faculty contingent within the schools/colleges 
  7. Seek additional support for graduate programs and graduate programs assistantships
  8. Continue to promote and enhance areas of excellence in teaching, research/scholarly activities and service
  9. Encourage collaborative research approaches to address problems of urban, regional and national interest
  10. Enhance outreach activities and engage the community in activities relative to economic, culture, health and educational development
  11. Increase the research funding and the research productivity at the institution by engaging schools/college in more interdisciplinary research
  12. Engage school/colleges in conducting outcome assessment activities on the programs and research